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Health and Nutrition Articles

Alen & Eveliza, Why are they different from other similar compounds?
Author: Dr. Oscar Vargas-Machuca E. MD
Date: December 31, 2003
Excerpt: "Based on several speculations and many years of work, we invented a different compound to complement our diet which lacks of essential factors of LEVOROTARY molecules (which is how we assimilate the nutrient molecules), and its way of concentrating them, and the result was the Alen and Eveliza compounds."

Alen & Eveliza: Cell Regenerators
Author: Marcelo Rubio
Date: March 14, 2003
Excerpt: "The habitual consumption of the products Alen and Eveliza have shown notable evidence of the protection for the organism, avoiding its premature aging and have been potent protectors, restorers, and cell regenerators ..."
Interpretation of the Degenerative Phenomena
Author: Dr. Oscar Vargas-Machuca E. MD
Date: February 7, 2003
Excerpt: "In our investigation, we have been able to conclude, that the phenomena of health deterioration is the result of a chronic and persistent deficiency of an optimal diet, and that this lack of essential factors make the cell function inefficiently. Thus, halting the development of enough defensive potential, as well as regenerative power, needed to prolong life."

Sugar Substitutes
Author: Dr. Oscar Vargas-Machuca E. MD
Date: 1991
Excerpt: "Our statistical controls have shown a high number of proliferative and degenerative illnesses in people that consume tobacco, alcohol, sugar and its by-products. However, we have seen an organic balance and metabolic correspondence in those who do not eat quick re-absorption carbohydrates but artificial sweeteners, and none of the above mentioned illness are present in these people."
Chemical Hypothyroidism
Author: Dr. Oscar Vargas-Machuca E. Md
Date: 1991
Excerpt: "This strange phenomenon is very important for public health since medicine considers that only one person out of ten thousand suffers from this disorder. Our research discovered that the actual proportion is impressively high and it should be taken into account in order to avoid such abundant chemical hypothyroidism. "

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