Despite the fact that nowadays food is abundant, varied and quite delicious, cooking and other food processing practices have denatured most of all the food that we eat.   Food molecules must be ingested in their unbalanced state, this means we have to eat our food raw, which is why today we hear about people who are switching to diets where they only eat raw foods, that only include raw vegetables, because sadly eating raw meats, could end up giving rise to infection and disease.

Protein sources. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, greens oil beans and lentils Top view on dark stone table

The formation of tissues, organs and their adequate cellular interactions require the interchange between molecules, and for this to happen the atoms making up those molecules come from unbalanced charges.  Thus an atom binds to another depending on what electrons they need to become balanced, and in doing this, they form molecules.   But when it comes to food, the moment we exposed food to heat, we are balancing those molecules, impeding any more atomic interactions, so the question we should ask is why if we need unbalanced or live molecules, do we have to cook our meals?  Aren´t we the only mammals in the entire animal kingdom who needs to cook and prepare their meals before eating them?  And the answer is obviously yes! We are the only mammal who cooks, mainly because we have a very small gut, only 20cms of our entire gut were designed to carry out 90% of nutrient assimilation. And this has been happening since approximately 6 millions years ago, when we became a homo sapiens sapiens, and our survival on this planet depended on the outstanding performance of our brain rather than our muscle. Most of the energy found in the food that we eat is in its majority destined to feed our brain.  When we are very young about 65% of all our food is destined for our brain maturation, neuron formation and connections, and when we age about 40% of all our food is still destined to feed our brains.   In all other mammals this is quite the opposite; their digestive system takes up most of their food´s energy.  And their entire digestive tract also can assimilate nutrients.

Under these interesting circumstances, cooking does not represent a major problem to our nutritional needs until our gut ages,  and this usually occurs at around the age of 30.   This is why when we are young we can eat anything we please in whichever form that we please and we don´t seem to get any problems.  But when we being to age, the same foods do not satisfy our nutritional needs and we being to see a decline in our health. 

A good an balanced diet, composed of all meats, fruits, vegetables and cereals as we saw earlier is not enough, and it is the cause of many of the health problems experienced by the majority of young adults, which include overweight, diabetes and hypertension to mention the most common.  This is something I often observe in my patients, who come to see me usually after trying diets, exercise and medication which only relives some of their symptoms but fail to help them regain their quality of life. 

Regaining health can sometimes be as easy as changing some unhealthy lifestyles, reducing a person´s oxidative stress or cellular death, and complementing their diets with nutritious food, which in my practice is achieved by the consumption of foods made from organic cereals.   These foods are made from a mixture of high quality grains, cultivated under organic farming, without GMO´s and the most important part, the nutrients in those foods are complementary, there is no competition.   When lifestyle changes and these foods are added to my patients diet, along with a well balanced meals based on meats, vegetables and fruits, is when my patients being to see changes in their weight and in their health, which in most cases allows for the removal of some or all of the medication they may be taken, of course all of this is carried out through proper medical care and follow up.  These complementary foods are known by the names of Alen® and Eveliza®, and though Alen® can be consumed by most people,  I have seen most beneficial results in patients with chronic disorders when medical care is applied, and when Eveliza® a medical grade food is used.


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