Conceptual Medicine, First Edition Spanish


ISBN: 978-9942-02-792-4

We live in a time of extraordinary medical advancement, but we have not been able to increase life expectancy for a single year.

It should be noted that mammals in general live a fairly limited time depending on the number of their heartbeats; once its heart has beat eight hundred million times, the mammal dies. Despite being mammals, we have an extraordinary advantage, because we can triple or quadruple the number of heart beats during our lives.

However, our long life is nothing more than the result of an evolutionary quality called neoteny, which allows us to live throughout our life in the fetal state. Unfortunately, we do not take advantage of this incredible advantage because we do not know our physiology in depth. For this reason, after several years of research, this book has been created in order to offer a new healthy way of life, to obtain a long-lasting and disease-free existence.

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