Conceptual Medicine, Second Edition, English & Spanish


ISBN: 978-9942-11-724-3

The desire of every human being is to extend his life and with it his youth, as much as possible. However, despite living in a time of extraordinary medical progress, quality of life remains a fight without victory.

The art of maintaining a healthy life and as such a prolonged Youth, are not fortuitous events, but rather the result of our discipline to follow the advice of preventive and conceptual medicine that, unfortunately, conventional medicine does not provide or avoid explaining. Unfortunately, the deficiencies in our health are due to the fact that we do not know our physiology in depth, and as such, after several years of research, this book has been created where very little understood topics of human physiology and biochemistry are discussed, in order to offer a better explanation regarding premature aging, its signs and symptoms and a very different approach to health, where nutrition and the consumption of certain nutrients are the key to prolonged youth and a healthy life.

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