Why Conceptual Med

Why Conceptual Medicine?

Maintaining health is as simple as keeping a few lifestyle choices . . .

No sugar

Sugar should not be consumed in

any form, as it prevents food

absorption and assimilation

No dairy

Dairy: milk, yougurt, butter

and cheese also decrease food assimilation

and should not be consumed

No strenous exercise

Contrary to common thought,

this reduces quality of life

Animal Protein

As scavenger carnivores,

we requiere healthy ingestion of iron

and calcium, both present in assimilable

forms, only in animal meats

No drinking and/or smoking

Both practices contribute

to the detriment of our health

No Root canal treatment

Aside from giving rise

to potentially dangerous

bacteria, it also increases chances

for a autoimmune response



Initial Consultation

Approximately one hour, where the patient will receive concise medical information on health,review of lab work and guidelines for treatment and diet.


Follow Up Consultations

Approximately 15 to 20 minutes, check up is done related to the patient´s previously diagnosed medical condition.


Healthy Diet Advice/Maintenance

Optimal diet is paramount for wellbeing, and a great part of the initial consultation will cover and clearly explain why certain lifestyles are dangerous.

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